Our Mission & Vision

At RateFilter, we believe in transparency. Our mission is to illuminate the mortgage industry, an area that, for too long, has operated in the shadows. We know the hurdles borrowers face—jumping from one phone call to another, seeking answers to questions that should be available at their fingertips. RateFilter.ca aims to be that invaluable resource, offering insights that were previously only available after countless hours of research.

Why RateFilter?

Where other platforms dangle incomplete or misleading data, hoping to trap clients into sharing contact details, we stand apart. We’re determined to break the cycle of inaccurate information and gated knowledge. Here, our data is open — no hidden motives, no obscured truths. We’re disrupting an outdated model for the better.

Our Core Values

Democratize. Inform. Empower. At RateFilter, our commitment is to level the playing field, ensuring that everyone, from the largest banks to the smallest credit unions, operates in a transparent and fair environment.

Who We Serve

You. Whether you want to purchase a new home, refinance your existing property, or transfer your mortgage. You’re in the right place if you’re a Canadian with good credit, stable income, and genuine intentions. We’re here to guide you, answer your questions, and offer clarity.

Our Journey

Every venture has its share of challenges, and we’re no different. But with every hurdle we face, our resolve strengthens, and our commitment to transparency and integrity is unwavering.

Meet the Founders

Alan Harder and Andy Hill are not just the brains behind RateFilter.ca; they’re seasoned mortgage brokers with over two decades of combined experience. Having interacted with thousands of clients, they’ve felt firsthand the palpable frustration many experience. RateFilter.ca is their answer to the challenges of online mortgage research.


RateFilter is a mortgage marketplace. Our goal is to make it easy and transparent to find a great mortgage from a great lender.


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